Sterling Fuels

Joe McManus founded Sterling Fuels in 1950 just as oil began to eclipse coal as the fuel of choice for heating. By 1953 Sterling Fuels had purchased the oil storage facilities located in Port Stanley from Shell Canada, Sun Oil & Texaco and soon after added two additional five million gallon tanks which increased Sterling's storage capacity to thirty million gallons at the tank farms in Port Stanley. Sterling continued to expand and prosper through out the 1950's and purchased a number of other fuel oil companies. It was a closely guarded secret that Joe sold Sterling Fuels in 1960 to the Webster family but remained on as President and General Manager. In 1967 Joe left Sterling to concentrate on his new gasoline business, Arrow Petroleums, at that time Max Jolliffe took over as President.

Sterling Fuels TruckSterling Fuels tanker truck

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