Hotel London

Joe McManus purchased the 300 room Hotel London at the corner of Dundas & Wellington in downtown London in 1962. The 200 room hotel was built in 1927 with a 100 room addition built a short time later. When Joe purchased the hotel he undertook a $1,000,000 renovation which he likened to giving an elephant a blood transfusion. The hotel had three bars (Shamrock Room, Camelot Lounge & Westend Lounge) as well as the Grill Room coffee shop. The main floor also had a barbershop, gift shop, Laura Secord chocolate shop and a drug store. Radio station CJOE, another McManus business, was located on the third floor. The hotel was sold in 1972 and demolished to make room for an office tower complex which is known today as City Centre.

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Hotel LondonHotel London at Dundas & Wellington